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South Waziristan Agency

South Waziristan is a mountainous region of North-Western Pakistan, bordering Afghanistan and covering an area of 6,620 square kilometers, with a total estimated population of 430,000. Waziristan is divided into two agencies for administrative purposes (South and North). It comprises the area west and south west of Peshawar between the Touchi River to the north and the Gomal River to the south. South Waziristan is the largest agency of FATA. It has two headquarters, Tank in winter and Wana in summer. The civil administration of South Waziristan Agency has been functioning since 1895 under a Political Agent who administers civil, criminal and revenue cases in accordance with the Frontier Crime Regulation and Customary Law. The Agency is divided into three administrative sub divisions: Sarwakai, Ladha and lower form of Wana. There are five tribes in the region; namely the Mahsud, the Ahmadzai Wazir of Wana, the Bhittani of Jandola, the Burki of the Kaniguram area and the Dotani near the border of Zhob.
TTP and the Mullah Nazir group of Wana are the main militant groups active in South Waziristan Agency.

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