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Militant groups in FATA and regional rivalries.

Chatham House London held a conference (June, 2011) in collaboration with DIIS (Danish Institute of International Studies, Denmark) where Dr. Ashraf Ali, Director FATA Research Centre (FRC) presented his paper on ' Militant Groups in FATA and Regional Rivalries'' . To view/Dowload link Click Here...     ...

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Militancy and Conflict in Kurram

Unlike in other agencies of the FATA, sectarian tensions rather than tribal or political issues are the main drivers of militancy in Kurram. The Afghan jihad against the Soviet invasion forced thousands of Afghans over the border into Kurram, where the Pakistani government established several refugee camps. Many weapons also flowed into Pakistan, ranging from small arms to the famed Stinger missiles, and lo ...

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Trends of militancy in Khyber Agency in 2011

The total land area of Khyber Agency is 991square miles, the agency headquarters are in Peshawar in winter and Landikotal in summer, the land of the agency is barren and there are little agricultural activities in the agency. Political Agent is the head of the Agency Administration and he also performs the duties of District Magistrate and Session Judge of the Agency. Khyber Agency has three subdivisions na ...

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Trends of Militancy in Bajaur Agency in 2011

Bajuar is the smallest tribal agency in the FATA region with an area around 850 square miles having a hilly terrain, not suitable for cultivation. The population of the agency according to the population censes of 1998 was 595,227. The Agency has borders with Kunar province of Afghanistan. Click Here to Download ... ...

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Militancy in South Waziristan

The security situation in South Waziristan took a drastic turn when U.S. and NATO forces invaded Afghanistan in October 2001, in the wake of the September 11 terrorist attacks on New York and Washington and the subsequent refusal by the Taliban government to hand over the al-Qaeda leader behind the attacks, Osama bin Laden. Thousands from the Afghan Taliban, the Arab al- Qaeda, and their foreign affiliates- ...

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North Waziristan

North Waziristan is the most important center of jihadist militancy in the FATA today, in large measure because of the impunity with which militants in the agency have operated. Even as the Pakistani government has confronted anti-Pakistan militant coalitions in other regions, it has largely ignored fighters in North Waziristan. Click Here to Download ... ...

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Taliban Financing

The resurgence of the Taliban and affiliated militant groups has been financed primarily by drug money and related crimes. The Haqqani Network relies heavily on income from general criminal activities like extortion and kidnapping. Across the border in western Pakistan, the home base for the Pakistani Taliban and an outpost of the extended Haqqani Network, kidnapping and smuggling are seen as central to fin ...

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