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Security Report Second Quarter 2014

  In the outgoing quarter covering April to June 2014, 129 incidents of terrorism with varying degrees were recorded across FATA's seven agencies, killing 652 and injuring 249. One of the key trends in the last three months was target killing, mostly in Khyber Agency, North Waziristan and Bajaur Agency. In Khyber Agency alone, 18 incidents of target killing claimed 21 lives and injured 9 people. Anothe ...

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FRC Guest Lecture Report: A Two Day Workshop on SPSS Training

  Being a research based independent and non-political institute, FATA research centre attaches immense importance and gives utmost concentration in presenting its products in a more professional way. With this aim, FRC conducted a training session on SPSS for its employees to not only enhance their skills but also to able the product presentable on the national and international forums. These sort tra ...

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Security Report First Quarter 2014

  Federally Administered Tribal Areas were found deeply unsettled during the last three months, January to March, of the current year as shock-waves of terrorism sent ripples across all seven agencies. The level of impact however varied from agency to agency. Those agencies, Khyber, Kurram, SWA, where peace was established in previous quarters after undergoing military offensives were again found drown ...

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Impact of War on Terror on Pashto Literature and Art

  It can be said that literature is a refection and essence of the age as society and its values are truly represented by its literature. Literature on the other hand, also has a potential to play a positive role in the society through peace education. The perennial War on Terror has brought with it a plethora of literary elements based on violence and resistance into Pashto literature. This Local lite ...

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TIGAH: A Journal of Peace and Development (Volume: IV, Jan 2014)

  The latest issue of Tigah takes a view of the issues and challenges following the US-led NATO exit from Afghanistan. It also looks into the options beyond 2014. The journal offers some thought provoking recommendations on how to tackle the issues of radicalization. It comes up with concrete strategies on rehabilitation of the ex-combatants and engaging the youth – the most vulnerable class, gainfully ...

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CRISIS OF IDPs IN FATA: Issues, Challenges and Way Forward

Published by FATA Research Centre, Islamabad in January 2014 The Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA) of Pakistan has been at the center of attention since the US led war on terror in late 2001.The fierce fighting between Pakistan military and non state militant groups in FATA and PATA regions has resulted in one of the biggest internal displacement of people in the history of Pakistan. The local comm ...

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FRC Annual Security Report 2013

  The year 2013 witnessed a total of 1673 killings and 1199 injuries that resulted in total of 374 terrorism related incidents throughout the tribal belt. The area witnessed the incidents in all shapes including bomb blasts, operational attacks, suicide attacks, clashes between militant groups and the military, kidnappings, and the target killings. However the most common incident in all quarters of th ...

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Youth Activism for Peace Building in FATA

  FATA Research Centre Guest Lecture on “Youth Activism for Peace Building in FATA” (August 2013) was delivered by Miss Mehreen Afridi, Chairperson FATA Youth Forum. FRC guest lectures are organized to discuss and analyze the present social and security issues of Pakistan, particularly of FATA and to proposed suitable way out for them. Guest Lectures are delivered by social experts who not only share v ...

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