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Journalists held protest against the killing of Malik Mumtaz

Journalists held protest against the killing of Malik Mumtaz


BAJAUR AGENCY, Feb28: The journalist community in Bajaur tribal region on Thursday organized a protest demonstration against the gruesome killing of their colleague Malik Mumtaz and urged the government to expose the killers and ensure the safety of journalist working in the tribal area, FRC learnt.

A large number of local journalists besides the members of Bajaur press club, civil society and workers of different political parties participated in the protest demonstration.

The rally started from Bajaur press club and ended up at the main square of Khar Bazaar where the protestors were holding play cards stating, “Stop killing of journalists and provide security to journalist’s community,”

Senior journalists including Anwarullah Khan, Mohammad Saleem, Hasbanullah Khan, Irfan, Hanif Jan and Tahir Khan and local leader of PTI Nawab Zada Jalaludin Khan addressed the rally.

They strongly condemned the killing of Malik Mumtaz and said that the recently assassination of their colleague is not only depressed the journalist community but it has also increased the fear among the tribal journalist that had already under threats.

The speakers accused the government of not providing security to tribal journalist.

“The Tribal area is the most dangerous place for journalists where 14 media persons had been killed during the last 10 years but the government failed to provide security to the journalists,” A senior journalist said.

They demanded immediate arrest of the assailants and sought judicial inquiry into the incident as well as to ensure the safety of tribal journalists.

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