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Wana Press Club Elections, FRC Correspondent Elected as VP

Wana Press Club Elections, FRC Correspondent Elected as VP


WANA, 28 Feb: Elections in Wana Press Club were held in South Waziristan Agency Headquarters Wana and Zardad Wazir has been elected its President and Laal Wazir as Vice President along with other cabinet members in militancy hit region where reporting has already claimed more than 14 lives since 2002.

The elections were held in a local hotel in Wana Bazaar in presence of journalist community of Wana. The newly elected cabinet includes General Secretary Adam Khan Wazir, Joint Secretary Alla Khan, Press Secretary Khan Nawaz Wazir and Finance secretary Mohammad Yaseen.

The oath taking ceremony of the cabinet would be held today (Friday) at the office of the Political Agent of South Waziristan at Tank. The ceremony would take place 11 am.

The newly elected president, while addressing to the participants in the occasion, appreciated their presence. He also expressed his vision and future course of action.

The journalist community at FATA says that his newly elected cabinet will contribute in the process of peacebuiling and development of the area by effective journalism.

“Our area is in dire need of professionalism in journalism. I along with my cabinet will try my level best to contribute for bringing the unheard voices of the people to the surface through impartial reporting from the area”, said the President.

Laal Wazir, the vice president, addressing the gathering showed great concern regarding the issues of the locals still unearthed.

“Being a part of much responsible profession, we all should fulfill the expectations of the people, as we bear the great responsibility”, Mr Wazir addressed.

He also urged the newly emerged journalistic community of the Wana to highlight the social issues the inhabitants are confronted with.

Mr Wazir also showed great concern over the assassination of the renowned tribal journalist Malik Mumtaz and reiterated that such desperate attacks on the lives of journalists would not succeed in bringing down their morale for impartial reporting.

It is to mention here that Wana Press Club was closed down by militants around two years ago due to undisclosed reasons.

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