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TIGAH: A Journal of Peace and Development (Volume: I, July 2012)


Enjoying a peaceful and tranquil life is a fundamental human right. Societal values, norms, rules and laws along with cultural bindings help in the building of a stable, developed and peaceful community to live and achieve set goals. This peace and order is desired to minimize suffering and struggles for the population at large. We at FATA Research Centre (FRC) aim to contribute toward peace and development through research endeavors.

FRC is honored to announce the launch of TIGAH, a biannual peace and development journal which is dedicated to improving understanding about the Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA).  One of FRC’s primary research initiatives, TIGAH aims to disseminate knowledge about FATA to all relevant stake holders and interested parties in Pakistan and abroad.

Research Papers Authors
1) Voilent Extrmism Changing the Social Values Dr. Ashraf Ali
2) Militancy in Orakzai Agency Mansur
khan Mehsud
3) Political Reforms and its Impact on FATA Rahmanullah
4) Peace and Development in FATA through Economic Transformation Erum Ayaz
5) Frontier Crimes Regulation A Case Study of Reforms Process M.Hamid Hussain
6) FATA Political Regime Changing Legal-Administrative Status of Tribal Areas Raza
Rahman Khan
7) Conflict Management at the Grassroots in FATA Syed
Irshad Hussain
8) Japan’s Contribution to the Human Security Case of Border Region of the Afghanistan and Pakistan Osama Miyata

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